Friday, March 11, 2016

Sahaaya : Help!

ll ॐ नमो भगवते रामकृष्णाय ll

Dear Bhakta 'Bhramaras',

Help we need, and badly so, particularly in these difficult times! Looking around, we see the human orientation, the major direction of thrust of human endeavours (Purushartha).. reflected in the media, echoed in the youth and old alike, global in spread, guiding today's society in its notions and perverted 'value' system - even as Swamiji had averred over a Century ago - money(wealth) and lust (Kama) enthroned as the 'King' and 'Queen' - ruling the minds of humans!

So deeply entrenched are they getting by each passing day, that it almost appears a sin to question them. This then, is not only 'legitimate', but looks like the norm, and all else is considered aberrant.

It is long forgotten that money is a means and not an end. Akin to mistaking the night for the day, this overlooking the obvious, this Aviveka, seems ubiquitous! The same goes for Kama. There is a never-before-seen frenzy ... there is neither time to question, nor even to pause! This is Kaliyuga, in its first quarter!

In this age characterised by superficial thinking, the faculty of choice is more clouded than ever. The fallout of such a pursuit is surely rampant physical maladies and a weak mind full of anxieties, apprehensions, unrest, frustration, depression, restlessness, fear and pervading negativity. Even more insecurity, even more displeasure. Samsara is दुः ख, pain!

The need for help is more than ever. How do I handle this mind, amidst a barrage of sensory experiences, how do I secure and validate myself, how do I discover peace and fulfilment?
Am I not looking for an unwavering Pole-star in my vain and indisciplined life, one that is most compassionate?
"तस्मात्त्वमेव शरणं मम दीन-बन्धो !" calls out Swamiji, presenting Sri Thakurji as the unfailing beacon - the 'Yoga-sahaaya'! There is hope, and a bright one - even in these times.

Even staying in the thick of the world, He gently leads you to the goal of your life, not allowing the fledgeling desire for freedom to wane, not letting one go off track, and helping one stay focussed on the goal of life - even as the Bhramaras we see here below hover around floral ambrossia alone!!

Generations of Mumukshus have found in you the sure, gentle and uncompromising guide and benefactor. Countless seek your refuge too, scorched by the harsh trials of the Samsara:

यस्मादहन्त्वशरणो जगदेकगम्य !
तस्मात्त्वमेव शरणं मम दीन-बन्धो !



Swami Sheshadri