Saturday, December 13, 2014

We have a Mother... The Mother!

                             ll ॐ श्री सारदा मात्रे नमः ll

             यथाग्नेः  दाहिका  शक्तिः रामकृष्णे  स्थिता  हि या l

            सर्व-विद्या-स्वरूपां  त्वां   सारदां   प्रणमाम्यहम्  ll

Sri Maa Sarada Devi's advent day is celebrated all over the world today. She came to heal those scorched by the world of becoming... Samsara. She came as 'Sara'da, the embodiment of knowledge hence, to enlighten, to free Her children.
"When you are in distress, just remind yourself that you have a Mother...", is Her abhaya-vaakya, providing refuge with effusive love. Well then, what really matters is, do we know this? Her real advent is then, when you know Her as Your Mother... your very own!!
Fire's burning power is inseparable from it, as is the Holy Mother from Sri Ramakrishna. For us, His healing and loving power, that touches our core... as the fount-head called Ma!
The name Maa, short, simple sweet, intimate.... for all... newborns to the decrepit .... The Mother of all, awaits our call... Her advent!

Sri Sri Thakur on Kamalasana watches as all the worship, Homa, songs, Arati and Pushpanjal​i are offered... to Him, His Shakti!!
We capture the celebration in a few images for you...
Jai Sri Maa

Swami Sheshadri