Thursday, July 21, 2016

Guru Poornima : Salutations to Sri Guru Maharaj!

ll ॐ नमो भगवते रामकृष्णाय गुरु-मूर्त्तये   ll

Dear Mumukshus,

He is called variously -  Sri Ramakrishna, Thakurji, Paramahamsa, Ramakrishnadeva, Avataravarishtha, Sarvadevadeviswaroopa, Ishtadeva and so on....each Bhakta at his/her own terms! 

He listens to all calls, whatever be the reason far calling upon be! "चतुर्विधा भजन्ते माम् " says Bhagavan Sri Krshna in the Geeta. When called upon, He comes to the aid of the one in distress ( आर्तः), grants material welfare to those who perceive its lack (अर्थार्थी ), and much more!

We wonder which of His names is more sweet than the other! What would He Himself like to hear, if there were entertained, such a choice and thought?

Tulasidasji adored Sri Rama and we have his 'Manas', the sweet and deep gift. He also prayed to Sri Hanuman, Rama's inseparable servant. In his 'Hanuman Chaleesa' he prays for the grace of Rama-dasa Sri Hanuman thus, "कृपा करहुं " but in his infinite wisdom, adds just how that grace be bestowed, "गुरुदेव कि नाईं " even as my Guru!!". He is so clear - bless me as my Guru, so that I may behold the Lord, the truth of myself, as you yourself do, and for which you are hailed as 'ज्ञानिनां अग्रगण्यम्' (the best among Jnanis). 

He has sung of Hanuman in the Sundara Kanda  'जिमि अमोघ रघुपति कर बाना , एंहि भांति चलेउ हनुमाना ' - Hanuman proceeded to find Sitadevi, even as the unfailing arrow shot from the hands of Sri Rama himself. Complete surrender unto Bhagavan Sri Rama and dissolution of his individual ego into Rama is implied. Rama alone guides his intellect, the aim is Rama's sankalpa, the force and direction of the arrow is all Rama's - Rama fills him - he knows Rama as his truth!

If one has a Spiritual Teacher, one will know, says the Shruti, " आचार्यवान् पुरुषो वेद ". Tulasi knew this so well!

Above all, hence, Sri Swami Vivekananda and the Parshadas all hailed Him as "Sri Guru Maharaj". Wasn't His entire life, a guide to seekers? His entire utterances 'Ishvara prapti upaaya'? 'Yoga Sahaaya' , is hence, another great name Swamiji used for Him in the Aratrikam.

Here is a prescription, a life of no compromises, if one is a Mumukshu. A staunch advocate of Teevra Mumukshuttva, we have seen 'अतिनिन्दित इन्द्रिय राग', 'त्यागीश्वरत्त्व ', the repeated refrain of 'काम-काञ्चन त्याग'  etc., in short, His only concern was to make one an 'उत्तम अधिकारी ' for Brahma Vidya.

Above all roles we see Him in, it is His role as an unfailing Guide to Ishvara that He Himself loved most!

Let us then, on this Guru Poornima celebrate Him as the Guide - Guru, the Lord Himself, descended upon earth, out of extreme compassion, as Guru!!

For, isn't the greatest compassion needed for solving the fundamental cause of all problems and freeing a Jeeva - Moksha, rather than solving every other problem and keeping one in Samsara for more?

Salutations to the compassionate Guru !
जय श्री गुरु महाराज जी की - जय !!

Swami Sheshadri