Monday, October 31, 2016


ll ॐ नमो भगवते रामकृष्णाय ll नमो कालिकायै ll

Dear Bhaktas,

Son and the Mother; Mother and Son; Mother is Son; Son is Mother!

Shyama, the Mother and Shyama-lal, the son. The Dark one,  is sung of in songs that send one to raptures, for they were sung to their beloved Mother by Her beloved sons...

निबिडो आन्धरे मा तोरो चमोके ओ रूपो राशी ..
ताहि जोगी ध्यैन धोरे होये  गिरि-गुहा-बाशी ...

 Yet, when Ramprosad sang this, he was 'lost' in the Mother. Deeper one's devotion gets, lesser one's identity expresses apart, and, greater is one's identity with the whole, that is the Lord! Ramprosad, Kamalakanto, Daasharathi....all merge into that one limitless Kali, enraptured....

In Sri Ramakrishna, where Ramprasad, Kamalakanto, Dasharathi, Sri Chaitanya all expressed and merged, one sees it all vividly, as if He were a screen set up by the Mother Herself... to reveal Herself!

In a devotional mood, one can indeed worship one's Ishta, even perform a Pooja in detail, with all the Upacharas, with, of course the awareness that one is worshiping the Divine Mother, even to one's heart's content, and feel the joy, the Ananda. Son and Mother, Mother and Son.

 What if the Mother becomes the Son and Son the Mother, in enraptured identity? Can we say who fed whom in that finale of worship? We have heard that, and a mesmerised Mathur Babu knew immediately that the question is difficult to answer, if it was his Baba (Sri Ramakrishna) who sat on the worshipper's seat when it began. Did Kali come to be Him, the Son, or did He become Bavatarini, the Mother? Who ate? The one who eats up all Brahmandas, having given birth to them?

When Kali Pooja was done, Sri Ramakrishna watched it from His lotus seat...

Or was it Kali who watched Her beloved son for hours, amidst the ongoing Pooja....and enrapturing Kali Keertan?

​We watched as they watched each other... this Amavasya night on this 'Jnana-deepawali'....

One is now amused to note that He had a son by name Abhedananda, who was also called Kali, and who also sang aloud...
प्रकृतिं परमां अभयां वरदाम् ..... to tell us the secret??

Say Ma, who are you, and why do you sport a beard sometimes?

Swami Sheshadri