Friday, October 24, 2014

KALI THE MOTHER, being worshipped now!


शिवश्शक्त्या युक्तो  यदि भवति शक्तः  प्रभवितुम् 
न   चेदेवं   देवो   न   खलु   कुशलः  स्पन्दितुमपि l
अतस्त्वां    आराध्यां       हरि-हर-विरिञ्चादिभिरपि 
प्रणन्तुं    स्तोतुं   वा    कथमकृत-पुण्यः    प्रभवति ll 

Says Acharya Shankara in this exquisitely devotional hymn, Soundarya Lahari, about the Divine Mother, "Even the Quiscent Reality, Shiva, is stirred to activity only by Her power - else He is, as we see Him, lying quietly and inactively under Her feet!" Can we know Him without Her? Could we comprehend fire without its heat and burning-power? Inseparable as the word and its meaning!
"Vishnu, Rudra and Brahma revel in adoring you alone, O Mother!" 
"How can any one without great Punya even extol you or worship you, physically or mentally?"

Sri Ramakrishna echoed this again and again, "Well, O Mother, it is only through Your grace that one could even approach You!" 
It is all Your will, Your power! O My Shyama Maa, do grant that Bhakti to this ignorant child... 

Even as  a child choicelessly, naturally, effortlessly and without being taught - adores, loves, calls on and depends upon the Mother in complete innocent trust, .... so may this child immersed in Samsara come to You!

With the background and atmosphere reverberating with the deafening noise of the Diwali fire-crackers all around - reminding one of the Samara-bhoomi, Samsaara - Her worship proceeds, complete with melodious Kali Keertan.... a symbolic setting indeed.

And Sri Sri Thakurji watches in joy, the adoration of His Mother............

A few more images of the ongoing Kali worship, this Amavasya night are appended! 
Amavasya night, Mahakali sporting with Mahakala... and Sri Thakurji divinely poorna Bhaava... is an inspiring reminder!!

Jai Sri Maa!!

Swami Sheshadri

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