Monday, December 11, 2017

ll मां पाहि श्री सारदे ll Sri Maa Jayanti

llॐ श्री मात्रे नमः ll  ll ॐ नमो भगवते रामकृष्णाय ll

भक्त्याssरभति  यो निःसार-संसार-दासस्त्वां सम्प्रपत्तुम् 
मायां  संहृत्य  स्वान्ते  तं तारयसि स्वदासं सारदा त्वम् l
साssनन्दा   वसतु   हृदि   मदनिशं   सारदा  ज्ञान-दात्री 
आर्त-त्राण-परायणे !   जननि हे !   मां पाहि  श्री  सारदे ll

The Mother is the Mother, is the Mother, as none else! The Father may shun the errant child perhaps, in some frustration, looking to the 'seeming incorrigibility'.....but how can the Mother who is the Mother!!

I might have chased the glitter of the world for all the best part of my life, and now, worn out, forlorn, and burnt by the very world, think of my Mother  -  so late for anything tangible for inner growth!

Yet it is She - the most compassionate one - The Mother, who still wishes to trust me in devotion to herself! Ah! It is the Mother, after all, to repose such faith even in the most worthless of her children ... because She is the Mother!!

She is Mahaamaayaa, and chooses out of compassion for the hapless child, to withdraw Maya's deluding power unto Herself, just a bit - enough to pull me out of the morass, to take me across Samsara - out of sheer compassion (... and not qualification); all just because this child did at last call out for her!

May that Sarada, the Dispenser of Jnana (Self-knowledge), joyously abide in my heart for ever and ever!

O Mother, ever-committed to saving those in distress, save me from this Samsara!

* निःसार-संसार-दासः slave of the 'worthless' world.
*स्वदासं सारदा can be read as 'स्वदा संसारदा ' Samsarada संसारदा  - one who grants the vagaries of the world and its entanglements, if that is what one seeks, or Svada स्वदा -  one who grants Herself, the only abiding truth, the cause of everything, सारदा , because she is Janana-daatri - giver of knowledge ज्ञान-दात्री !

Swami Sheshadri


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