Tuesday, January 2, 2018

Kalpataru Krpa

ll ॐ नमो भगवते रामकृष्णाय ll

Before we have dealt with the vagaries and pending struggles of the year 'just past', the 'new one' is here, 2018, opening with Kalpataru day!!

The accounts not yet settled, the mind still unsettled, the Jiva enters another set of 365 days Samsara, (thankfully one Samvatsara (year) at a time!).

"Kalpa-taru", we are told He is. 1886 began with that phenomenal day, just months before He wound up His Leela. The incident, or rather event, is worth reading again each year.

On a warm sunny day time of a cold winter, some Jivas, symbolizing minds as it were, were sitting or strolling in the garden-house (Udyan Bati). It was a pleasant hour, and the senses rejoiced at the sights and sounds, and the freshness in the air.

They were there, primarily just to be around in the vicinity of Sri Ramakrishna (who was unwell), and because it was a holiday, and so there were no other commitments - some relative freedom - if we may say so.

Unexpectedly, and to the pleasant surprise of those few gathered Bhaktas, Sri Ramakrishna arrived, walking towards them in the garden path, and they were overjoyed to behold Him right ahead.

They greeted him, and approached joyously. It is then that he suddenly posed the question to Girish Babu, as to what he understood of Him

Kneeling in surrender, and overcome with emotion, pat came Girish's clear and spirited reply, "How can my little self describe Him, in extolling the greatness of whom Valmiki and Vyasa fall short of words ...."

Charmed at those words of devotion, Bhagavan Sri Ramakrishna, in a powerful gush of compassion, blessed them all like never before, with those celestial words, "What more can I say to you, may you all be awakened!" ....and He went into ecstacy. 

The profound blessing sent them into amazingly blissful state, an exalted mood, wherein, forgetful of all else, they prostrated at His feet in surrender, worshiping Him in various ways.... He had granted them without any reservation, their spiritual desires; it was in sheer abandon, all conditions thrown overboard!!

Revealing Himself, He had granted Abhaya - refuge to them all - all who sought Him there...

All those Jivas, the minds so to say, had one thing in common - He was the center of their being, their seeking! As against the deluge of all other desires, they sought the one, obtaining whom every other seeking ends...and it is in this very Kaliyuga!!

What is even more reassuring is the fact that it is Thakurji Himself who walked towards them, to grant them refuge! When the mind is intent upon the Lord, as against a billion 'desirables' in the world, His Krpa can not be held back..... it flows.

A Kalpataru may grant all kinds of desires, but here is the Moksha Taru that awakens any Jiva (mind) that lovingly seeks Him. They loved the Lord and the Lord loved them. 

What minds... what a day...and what a revelation!!

Kashi is 'Moksha Puri', and no wonder it was Kashi-pur where abahayam was granted!!

Let us too, keep our minds relatively free of entanglements, and be 'available' to love Ishvara!


Swami Sheshadri

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