Thursday, March 20, 2014

Inside the Temple..

ll ॐ नमो भगवते रामकृष्णाय ll

Dear Bhaktas,

We will this time, take a look inside!  Granite polished marble floors and tall skirtings ..Spacious prayer hall, Garbha grha, large kitchen, wash area, Pooja auxillaries room and the like.
The hall as we said has see-through panels with symbols of all major religions, and Deities. The ceiling is tastefully ornate. Towards the front it has a vent for homa smoke.The Sanctum has a  big carved wooden door that slides open wide, and everyone can see Thakurji with ease.
A covered verandah Parikrama  goes round the Temple and Sanctum, so as not to disturb meditating Devotees. Thakurji's Shayana-grham is on the floor above, reached by stairs. The colour art-work on this ceiling is very fine and of 'Rajasthani'  style. There in the Southern verandah is the wash area leading to twin balconies.

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श्री गुरु महाराज जी की जय !!
Swami Sheshadri

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