Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Sri Ramakrishna Temple : Ceremonies begin!

ll ॐ नमो भगवते रामकृष्णाय ll

Dear Bhaktas,

Amidst Vedic chants, congregation of Mahatmas and Devotees, the Consecration Ceremonies started in right earnest ...  The Homas began in the morning and the Temple is lit up in the night with flood-lights, presenting a 'celestial' Mahotsava appearance. 

The programmes include Pravachanas by Eminent and Senior Swamis of the Order as well as devotional singing. Musical, cultural and Patriotic events, all echo the thoughts and sentiments of Swamiji. He must be watching with satisfaction! A big back-drop with deep symbology adorns the centre-stage.... Yes, it all heralds Sri Thakurji's arrival here amidst us, in Jaipur. The Temple itself seems chiseled out in exquisite beauty by the representatives of Vishvakarma on earth!

The Kalpataru tree, standing on the North-eastern side of the Temple watches in great expectation... for, the  Original Kalpataru cometh into this magnificent shrine to shower His grace! 

Is it to remind us of 'Shaakha-Chandra Nyaya'?
Standing proudly tall today, with light on the Shikhara to announce the Arrival of Sri Thakurji into Jaipur, the Temple is a virtual spiritual invitation to all...

The Dhwajas flutter in abandon, the domes seem to be alive and telling a tale of joy, Bhaktas savour stunning looks of this 'Ramakrishnalayam', even as a pictorial exhibition of the same name tells the story of the buliding of the shrine and the 'greens' sing His glory in front of the Temple... where the Gopuram is a Frontal invitation... for the entry to bliss 
just a day away!
The terrace of the prayer hall is clad in reflecting white China ceramic mosaic - of 'Sattva guna'. On the western face, three windows on the floor above the Garbhagrha level mark Thakurji's Shyana-grha.
...And have you seen the Sun..... a red-hot, round but docile ball, nestling in the niche behind a dome....? Preparing for a celestial Aaraatrikam quietly...

Well, we have tried to capture all this for a bid to 'devotionally' allure your soul!
" He Jagavandana! vandi tomaay....",  " हे जगवन्दन! वन्दि तोमाय् !!" 
We will soon come back with more... very soon...

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श्री गुरु महाराज जी की जय !!
Swami Sheshadri

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