Monday, March 24, 2014

Sri Ramakrishna Temple Jaipur : The 'elevation' at Dusk!

ll ॐ नमो भगवते रामकृष्णाय ll

Dear Bhaktas,
I am sure you were delighted to see our Beloved Thakurji, ere His 'arrival', His first darshan. Once we were able to behold Him seated majestically on the Kamalasana, delighting every heart, we could truly say that He descended for us! A salutation to Him was offered through 'Vandanam', and it reached most devotees that beheld Him on the opening. Here He is, in Avatarana, we reproduce...

The worship began with a special Pooja in the morning.  As the dusk set in and the sky turned crimson, the conch shell blew, bells rang... and it was Aaratrikam,  salutations to Him again and yet again.. "नमो नमो प्रभु वाक्य-मनातीत...." Bhaktas rejoiced in the divine music and sheer spiritual splendour of Sri Sri Guru Maharaj's presence. O how delighted Sri Swamiji would be at this sight... His divine Sankalpa at work!

Pancha-pradeepa, Karpoora neerajana, Shankha-teertha-snaapana, Udvartana, Hrdaya-kusuma-samarpana and Chamara-upachara....with such elevating Aaraatrikam sung soulfully....

Outside, the temple glowed in colourful celebration to Mano-vachanaikaadhara... with Jyoti...

We leave you here with hte pictures of Aaraatrikam, every step of it and with a 'celestial' view of the Shrine at night....
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श्री गुरु महाराज जी की जय !!

Swami Sheshadri

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